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Zigolo 110: from father to son

Massimo Moretti, a member of Proud Owners, is a Guzzi fan through and through. He owes it to his father, actually to a photograph: a black and white snapshot that shows him as a boy astride the Zigolo 110, in its simplicity and essentiality, an important piece of history of the Moto Guzzi legend and the motorcycle industry, the product of a world populated by “lightweights”, of displacements and customs that today seem very distant.

That snapshot, found by pure chance among many, made him see the origin of that invisible thread that inextricably bound him to the Eagle. A family bond, handed down from father to son, that not even he, a great motor enthusiast, could fully explain. Here is the story that Massimo wanted to share with us of Proud Owners, knowing that, from one Guzzi fan to others, he would be able to give us a smile.

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