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MG Experience 2020: calendar and sign-up!

Moto Guzzi Experience is the adventure astride the twin-cylinder Guzzi bike range, dedicated to members of Proud Owners and all motorcyclists who love the pure thrill of ridingdiscovering new places and cultures, and forging new friendships with their riding companions.

For the fourth year, Moto Guzzi Experience is offering ever-more authentic travel experiences, renewing its partnership with Top Travel Team – amongst the top tour operators in the sector – and the all-inclusive formula which has won over hundreds of Proud Owners community members: 
a spirit of adventure, safety, meticulous organisation, constant support from technicians and guides, as well as the possibility to take part with your own Guzzi bike, or to try out the Eagle’s range of twin-cylinder bikes, with a special place reserved for the V85 TT, including the new Travel set-up.

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