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A ‘72 model V7 smashes the Australian speed record: the story of Andre Deubel

The temperature rockets up to 45° in the shade, the sun sits high in the sky and a gleaming object going at top speed almost seems to disappear over the horizon, getting lost in the hazy reflections of the endless expanse of the salt lake.
It could just be our eyes playing tricks on us if it weren’t for that unmistakeable roar radiating out in all directions that, to us Proud Owners, sounds suspiciously like a twin-cylinder symphony of history and passion.

Take a long-time diehard Guzzi fan, a potent, modified ‘72 model 750 CC V7 Sport and the endless, hot expanses of the South Australian salt flats and what you have is the story of Andre Deubel and how a member of our community’s passion led him to smash an Australian land speed record in his class.

« Hi, my name is Andre Deubel and I’ve been a Guzzi fan for almost 20 years … »

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