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Antonio Ligabue and Moto Guzzi: A bond of art and life

“The remorse of his spirit, who created so much through solitude and pain, remains in those who understood how up until his final day all he wanted was freedom and love.” 

Our journey astride a Moto Guzzi to discover Antonio Ligabue starts here: from the epitaph engraved on his tomb in Gualtieri, a small town in the province of Reggio Emilia and the “adoptive home” of this extraordinary Italian – though originally from Zürich – artist of the early 1900s. Ligabue was one of the most important figures in the panorama of Naïve art, who found his salvation in painting after an extremely troubled youth. An unhappy childhood, very difficult, with even dramatic repercussions (from the death of his mother Elisabetta and his three brothers from food poisoning to the illnesses he suffered from, rickets and goitre, until his expulsion from Switzerland at the age of 20 for having attacked his adoptive mother) that led him to pursue “freedom and love” astride his Eagle. He owned and loved many Moto Guzzi cycles, but his favourite, we know, was the GTV 500…

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