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Fast Endurance 2020 Race 5: SHARING

Each stage of the Trofeo Fast Endurance 2020 was both a race for Proud Owners Team riders and a challenge to face all together, as a community.
This is the account of the fifth and last race of the season, held on October 11 on the Misano Circuit, written by our riders and reporters.

The incessant rain during the entire race – which was cut from 90 minutes to an hour – put to the test the new duo made up of
Alessandro Moro and his new teammate Marco Antioco Notaro. The two of them bonded immediately and joined forces to tackle the last big challenge, struggling close to the top ten until a minor slip during the next to last round put an end to their comeback.
Proud Owners Team thus had to let go of the points that would have rewarded an extremely solid season, causing it drop back from the fifth position (at only one point from the fourth) gained following the races in Magione, to 9th place in the final standings

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