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European Cup 2021: double 7th place at Varano!

This double victory at Varano at the beginning of summer is everything we had waited for. Perhaps because Covid-19 tore it off the calendar for us last year. Perhaps because in 2019 the rain turned the leg into a motorboat race. Perhaps because the Varano racetrack is a little like “home” for the GCorse Racing Kit, developed by the Guareschi brothers to equip the V7 IIIs, and here our motorcycles seem to fly!

The third edition of the Moto Guzzi Fast Endurance, which has become European Cup, started off with two races boasting record-breaking attendance with as many as 31 crews, each made up of a pair of riders racing on the track for 120 minutes – 60 Saturday and 60 Sunday. It was a show from the stands, a show from behind the fairing, a show up to a few miles of distance where the roar of the 62 Zard exhaust terminals reached while the Moto Guzzi twin-cylinder motorcycles were launched at top rpm…

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