Moto Guzzi Proud Owners
Open House

The excitement of the 2023 Open House in video format!

As the tradition goes, fans and hardcore Moto Guzzi bikers gathered by the thousands from every corner of the globe at the shores of Lake Como and it was nothing short of magical!

This year, the Mandello del Lario factory opened its legendary Red Gate in via Parodi from September 7 to 10 to greet the nearly 35,000 Moto Guzzi fans and owners who with endless passion and overwhelming enthusiasm responded to the call of the Eagle!

The big Open House 2023 celebration proved once again that no geographical or generational boundaries can stand in the way of the unconditional love we Moto Guzzi fans have for the brand we proudly show on our jackets, helmets, or just on the tank of our Moto Guzzi motorcycles.

Relive the excitement of those unforgettable Moto Guzzi days of good times with this video:…

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