Moto Guzzi Proud Owners
Open House

Talking photos: what the pictures don’t say!

Loads of Guzzi fans, many different nationalities, so many riding experiences and countless life stories. Open House has always been the perfect time to fully immerse yourself in the most authentic world of Moto Guzzi. A time when, even if we don’t speak the same language, we all feel a bit like family, united by the same feeling and the same pride.

At Mandello in September, we celebrated this sense of belonging, sharing our passion with other members of Proud Owners’ community. In front of the Photoset, set up for us opposite the iconic Red Gate on Via Parodi, we gave a voice to those of us who wanted to get involved – microphone in hand – and tell us something about what it means for us to be Guzzi fans; each with their own feelings, each with their own story… many with that touch of craziness that a Guzzi gathering can’t do without!

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