Moto Guzzi Proud Owners

MG Experience 2023: choose your next adventures!

new season of Moto Guzzi-branded excitement is about to begin. Get ready to jump on the saddle, lower your visor, and forget everything else!
The 2023 Moto Guzzi Experience calendar again features some of the most popular destinations of the last edition, such as the double event on the back roads of Tuscany and the two bike adventures to discover the unique atmospheres of Tunisia.
In addition to those that are now rightly known as the classic Experiences, the program is enriched with exciting new entries, like the ten days in magnificent Sicily and the eagerly anticipated return of the 2000+ miles of emotions along the Apennine ridge of Italy.

We as Proud Owners have always been the backbone of the Experiences, with a strong participation of community members since the very early years. This is how every Moto Guzzi Experience becomes an opportunity to meet in person and share our Guzzi stories with Eagle fans who are just as passionate as we are…

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